Consider this my Diary.

I’m Chisom Ezeh, an investment enthusiast.

I also have a special interest in personal finance and I’ve had this interest  from a very young age, I just didn’t know it had a name back then. 

I studied mechanical engineering back in the University of Lagos but I was deeply involved in business and investing from year 2 (2014/15). I was making money through an event business I was running then and I needed some way to grow my money. 

I recall overhearing a discussion between my course mates, they were talking about putting their money in some company and leaving it to grow, I jumped in on the conversation and asked them what company they spoke of and they mentioned ARM. Although I don’t use ARM anymore, that was where it all started.

Today my investment portfolio comprises Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Mutual funds and Real estate. There’s still a lot to get better at but this is where I’m at, at the point of writing this article.

So why a blog? 

Some of you might know me or my personal brand The Roadside Investor from YouTube or/and twitter, and if so, you’d know that I generally love to share my opinion on finance related topics. I love to speak, hence, my YouTube channel and I also  love to write, hence, Twitter and the very latest, this blog. 

So expect my two cents on finance related topics most especially but I can’t promise that I would not dive into business, self improvement and spiritual discussions. 

All in all. You’re welcome to my mind.

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